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Get ready to transform your body, and your mindset. Together we’re going to change the way you think about diet and training. No more depriving, only thriving..

The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind. When you believe in yourself –the results follow. And I’ll be there every step of the way supporting and providing you with the customization for total success.

We all have a story. I hope by sharing mine it gives you inspiration and motivation to change your story for the better. 


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For best results, get custom workouts and nutrition built around YOUR lifestyle with a coach pushing you along every step of the way.  Lose body fat, tone up, and flourish into a better version of YOU!

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Gain access to new  workouts  and delicious healthy recipes every month . This master program will give you structure and support to keep your health journey going longterm!


"Amanda helped me lose 20 pounds! She is worth every penny!"

"Amanda is very knowledgeable about both personal training and nutrition. She motivates me to become a better version of myself and she kicks my butt at the gym!"


"If you can't stop thinking about working with Amanda, you should probably do it."

"I used to dread the gym and lack structure. Now I look forward to my workouts and have never felt more confident and sexy!"


"Sometimes we all just need that little extra push and different perspective to light that fire and Amanda has been there for me along the way. A++ rating!

Amanda is extremely thorough in all that she does involving her passions. She is able to build a relationship with the client and work with/for them to provide them with exactly what fits their needs. I have used her online training to help maintain accountability through out some hectic times." 


"For two years I've struggled and tried to get down to the weight I am today. The weight I've lost in 6 weeks brings me to my goal that I wanted to be at after 3 months.

A lot of my clothes are now too big as well. People always ask me what kind of diet we are on. It's not a diet, we still eat everything, it's just changing it a little and knowing how much. Incorporating foods that I didn't before. We followed our meal plan religiously at the beginning and now are using her tools to make our own recipes. Her workout plans are also great, incorporating a lot of lifts that I never would have."